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Port Elizabeth Sport Academy

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Port Elizabeth Sport Academy

In 2018, continuing with his love for coaching, Patrick Brown started the PESA and operates from St Georges Cricket Stadium, making use of this international status facility.
With qualified coaching staff, an extreme passion for the game and receiving full enjoyment from providing a top-class service, the PE Sport Academy strives to improve your child as a holistic cricketer.

We have teamed up with Bellingham & Smith and Brian Bands, to provide the best possible base of advice and service the industry could provide. Teaming up with these companies ensures that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to customer/client support

The Academy is based at PE Crusaders Sports Club, St Georges Park, on the B filed. Located in Park Drive, this central and convenient location aids itself to many opportunities. With provincial/franchise and even national teams training a cricket ball throw away, it is the best place to train and watch your heroes.

Our Objectives:

• Provide an ever-learning environment for every cricketer.
• Ensure that our cricketers are receiving focused attention.
• Create good routines and clear bad habits.
• Create a competitive and respectful outlook on the game.
• To create a holistic cricketer, on the cricket field and through life.

Patrick Brown (Head of Cricket)
Email: patrick@PEsportacademy.co.za
Cell No: 082 803 4883

Justin Hastie (Head of Hockey)
Email: justin@PEsportacademy.co.za

Banking details: PD Brown
Account number: 10045460300
Cheque Account
Standard Bank, Walmer Branch 051001

Port Elizabeth Sport Academy

-Elite Coaching-
PESA Coaching Rates RATES:

Private Coaching (One on One)

• 60 Mins = R185 per lesson
• 45 Mins = R150 per lesson
• 30mins = R100 per lesson

Group Coaching (2 to 5 Cricketers)
• 2 x Cricketers (60min) @ R120 per Cricketer
• 3 x Cricketers (60min) @R100 per Cricketer
• 4 to 5 x Cricketers (90min) @ R90 per Cricketer

  Date of Birth
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* I hereby do not hold the Port Elizabeth Sport Academy responsible for any injuries or damages that might occur
during training

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